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The 3G Decorative Group was started a few years back as a small firm specialized in architectural, as well as, interior design. Combining the two fields it successfully provided a complete service to its clients, not just creating the structural architectural shell, but designing it with an understanding of the interior spaces, and what possibilities could be created on the inside.

The registered office of our company, situated at Dum Dum and the city office in Tollygunge, has been involved in projects throughout the country. The company, headed by a group of professionals who has more than twenty years of exceptional experience in the field of Architecture

Interior Design and Project Management. The 3G Decorative Group portfolio ranges from Five Star Hotels, Commercial and Retail design, Sport and Recreational facilities, Hospitals, Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Executive Offices and Up-market Residential Developments.

International projects, as completed in India, range from a Boutique Hotel, Executive Offices and Luxury Apartments. Projects entail architectural, as well as interior design. The 3G Decorative Group strongly believes in playing an important part in creating a sustainable, economic viable and environment friendly solution to the challenges facing our beautiful country.

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